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When we say clean, we mean clean. Our candles are made with 100% Canadian soy wax, natural fragrances & essential oils—no synthetics, toxic additives, or hidden fragrance chemicals ever. So you can rest easy knowing what you’re bringing home.

Âme was founded by mother and daughter duo, Charo & Ale. We've been fans of the clean beauty space for years now and began wondering what was in all the candles we were burning at home (pumpkin spice latte in a jar anyone? How do they get that smell?). 

After some research, we were simultaneously surprised and disappointed to learn that most of the 'premium' brands we purchased for our home are made with toxic ingredients such as paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances. We had to find a healthier alternative for our candle obsession, so we created our own. 

We hope you enjoy your beautiful, clean candles as much as we enjoyed making them for you!


Ale & Charo

Here's How It Works

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After selecting the subscribe and save option, you can choose whether you want your luxuriously smelling Candle Refill Kits delivered every one month, two months, or three months!

Not sure which one to pick?

1 Month: Best for daily candle burners

2 Months: Perfect if you enjoy burning a candle a few times a week

3 Months: If you burn candles about once a week, this is for you!

Once you've selected your frequency, just check out as normal! You'll get an email confirming your subscription and you'll have new Refill Kits sent to your door!

If you want to change your scent, pause your subscription, or cancel, you will receive an email

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