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How many candles can I make with a kit?

One refill kit makes one 10oz candle (~60hrs burn time)

What comes in the kit?

In the kit, you receive everything you need to give your candles new life including: a pre-mixed scented wax, a lead-free cotton wick with adhesive, and a wick holder!

How do I dispose of the pouch?

Our refill kits are packaged using renewable materials of wood pulp and cellulose. Sixty percent of the bag’s material by weight is compostable within 12 weeks. The remaining inner film is made with an additive that causes it to oxo-degrade over 5-10 years vs. the estimated 1,000 years for typical plastic materials.

What are your ingredients?

How do I use the product?

Our refill kits are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Add the wick to the bottom of your (clean) vessel and secure with the wick holder
  2. Microwave the bag of wax for ~2 minutes and pour into your vessel
  3. Allow the wax to set for _____ hours, light, and enjoy!

Still need help? No worries, check out our how-to video!

What type of vessel should I use?

For the best burn, stick to tumblers, cups, and jars that can withstand heat, and won’t leak, crack, or catch fire that are approximately 3" wide.

For example:

• Ceramic (check out our Eternal vessel)
• Glass (mason jars are great!)
• Sealed metal tins
• Enamel


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Not sure which one to pick?

1 Month: Best for daily candle burners

2 Months: Perfect if you enjoy burning a candle a few times a week

3 Months: If you burn candles about once a week, this is for you!

Once you've selected your frequency, just check out as normal! You'll get an email confirming your subscription and you'll have new Refill Kits sent to your door!

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