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The coolest part?

You can swap fragrances, but keep using the vessel time after time - keeping the same great look, but changing the ambiance of your home!

Want to cancel your subscription? Don't worry, we're not clingy! You can pause, cancel, or change the frequency of your subscription at any time and you can even add or remove scents, so you can try them all!

Here's How It Works

Select your signature scent and click "Subscribe & SAVE 15%"

After selecting the subscribe and save option, you can choose whether you want your luxuriously smelling Candle Refill Kits delivered every one month, two months, or three months!

Not sure which one to pick?

1 Month: Best for daily candle burners

2 Months: Perfect if you enjoy burning a candle a few times a week

3 Months: If you burn candles about once a week, this is for you!

Once you've selected your frequency, just check out as normal! You'll get an email confirming your subscription and you'll have new Refill Kits sent to your door!

If you want to change your scent, pause your subscription, or cancel, you will receive an email

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