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Composting Your Clean Candle Refill Kits

Composting Your Clean Candle Refill Kits - Everly

About our Packaging 

Here at Everly, we're passionate about two things: clean products + a clean planet.

We knew we wanted to make our Clean Candle Refill Kits as environmentally friendly as possible while also introducing a new, cleaner way to burn candles! We considered recycling, but were shocked to discover that only 68% of paper and cardboard is recycled every year. Determined to reduce our waste in any way possible, we kept searching for the perfect packaging for us!

Lost and unsure how to make this dream a reality, our co-founders were able to find the perfect compostable bag - Biotrē™

Our Clean Candle Refill Kits are packaged in 60% compostable materials, with nearly all plant-based, renewable film layers. This means that 60% of the material by weight will break down in a healthy compost within 12 weeks. The remaining 40% of the material is made of plant-based Polyethylene "PE", which is made from sugarcane. Although the remaining material will take longer to break down, it utilizes a much more sustainable source instead of non-renewable fossil fuels like typical plastics.

How to Dispose of the Candle Refill Kit Packaging 

To dispose of our packaging, simply place the kit in your home compost for 12 weeks! After 12 weeks, the compostable materials, such as sugarcane, will degrade, leaving behind materials that do not naturally break down. The remaining materials can be tossed in the garbage. Our Biotrē™ packaging should not be disposed of in curbside or industrial compost, as most industrial composts require that products be at least 90% compostable. 

We completely understand if you do not have access to a home compost! In order to lessen our waste while still enjoying candles, we can compost your kit for you!

Send us an email at to get started!


Why Only 60% Compostable Packaging?

While we are ecstatic to offer 60% compostable packaging on all of our products, we understand that we are still coming up short in our mission to offer a zero-waste burning experience.

But we're not giving up - one of our biggest goals is to achieve 100% compostable packaging by 2024! In the meantime, we are doing everything in our power to reduce our impact on the planet, from donating to environmental initiatives through 1% For The Planet to offsetting CO2 produced by delivering our products.

If you have any further questions regarding our packaging or sustainability initiatives, send us an email at!

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